About the CHS pictures


I graduated from Cleveland High School in 1964. My parents graduated in the 1920's. The school was a fixture in south Saint Louis since it was built in 1915. Due to the loss of funds the school board of Saint Louis closed the school in 2006, moving the current students to another building. Since that time the building has remained closed.

In 2009/2010 I was allowed to photograph the interior of the building with the help of then Alderwoman Dorothy Kerner, John Chen, from The Alliance to Save Cleveland High, and building engineer Robert Jackson. For 14 months made day long excursions to photograph what remains of this once beautiful building.

In the fall of 2015 I returned to the building. Years of neglect and vandalism had taken it's tole. With all of the metal stripped from the roof, it rained inside the building as much as it rained outside. With no electric, it was dangerous to walk the basement halls with damaged conduit and signs pried loose and hanging at head height. Mold of all kinds grew throughout. It was obvious that this once glorious building, the pride of the city's south side, was or is doomed to the wrecking ball.

It is sad to see such a noble building, a landmark on the south side of the city, abandoned and in such disrepair. I hate to think that such an institution, with it's 90 year history of educational service, is being allowed to die of neglect.